Silicone Foam

Silicone foam is a new and innovative invention that have several unique properties, that make the material ideal in pillows, mattresses and other baby equipment. But why are products in this material the best choice for your child?

Excellent breathability

You may have experienced that several brands promise that their pillows and mattresses have a very high breathability. Usually these products are made in memory foam. The problem with this is, that memory foam has difficulty getting rid of the bodyheat, which is why your child risks getting hot and sweaty while sleeping. So while some brands address this issue by making holes or grooves in the foam to increase air circulation, it’s usually not enough to compensate for this.

Breathability up to 97%

Silicone foam on the other hand, has an excellent breathability that allow your child to get rid of the heat while sleeping. In fact, the air flow is up to 97%, which is higher than any other kind of foam.

pude af silikoneskum

Memory effect

Many brands make their mattresses and pillows in memory foam. Because it adapts to the child’s body shape so it achieve an ergonomic and comfortable sleeping position. Our silicone foam also posses this ability. In fact, tests have proved that the foam can be compressed over 8000 without losing its original shape. Therefore, it insures your child a good and comfortable sleep.

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Allergy friendly

Some brands use latex foam in their mattresses as an alternative to memory foam, but latex can cause latex allergy, so we strongly advise against using such products.

FDA Food Grade certified

Silicone, on the other hand, is a very clean and hypoallergenic material that is often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our silicone foam is FDA Food Grade certified, which is your guarantee that it don´t contain any toxic by-products or fillers.

Prevent dust mites

Silicone foam also prevent dust mites. Clinical tests have proven that the presence of mites is minimized by up to 99%. So you can safely let your child sleep with our products.

Great Hygiene

Silicone can withstand very high temperatures. Therefore, you can machine wash our silicone foam at 60°C at the lowest rpm, or hand-washed it at 95°C if required. The foam does not suck water and fluids pass through it effortlessly. This guarantee that your child wont sleep on a bacterial bomb.